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Why nubra

Why nubra ?

Because we only use LATEX FREE medical-grade adhesive...

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18007215223368876 two rules to live by don t hate on nobody and do
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17954222338557426 nothing you wear is more important than your smile
17870934026616808 slow mornings are the best mornings they re eve
18135184114221801 what you think on the inside radiates on the outsid
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18139005910238620 it s the little simple moments that matter sho
18267146557051894 unbothered unphased content flowful higher str
17939904286678721 you get what you focus on so focus on what you wa
17878161692576670 it s what s inside that matters
17875825928518765 the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence
18184615615181115 be your own come up trust the timing of your li
17906179937243745 you got this whatever s stressing you you got yo
17875993316516536 it s a confidence thing link in our bio to sho
17946422422604363 one thing we ll never say enough is that balance i
17926222288779966 don t forget to take a moment to look around see
17931829639776313 n u b r a noun more commonly known as every girl
17919811144958417 young wild free that s what we like to call t
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17934624757725564 your authenticity is your art never forget it
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