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$20.00 N109
Easy-to-use skin wipes that form a protective film on the skin. Helps to reduce friction on the skin when removing adhesive bras.
Recommended for women with sensitive skin.
Contains 50 wipes. Made in USA
APPLICATION: SKIN-PREP must be COMPLETELY DRY before applying NuBra.
Make sure skin is clean and dry. Apply a uniform coating to the skin where NuBra will be worn. SKIN-PREP will dry in approximately 30 seconds. If you did not coat the entire area, allow the area with coating to dry. Then reapply only to the area without coating. For maximum protection, an optional second coating of SKIN-PREP may be applied and allowed to dry before applying NuBra. Removing your adhesive bra or enhancer while fitting may remove the SKIN-PREP film. Re-apply as needed.